Xanthippe Walsh

Don't make me ruin my manicure by punching you in the face.



The saying “Looks are deceiving” has never been truer then when describing Xanthippe Walsh. On the outside she look like a spoiled little rich girl who indulges herself in designer clothes and expensive gadgets but look a little deep and you would see…Well…the same thing except this spoiled little rich girl isn’t so little. Xan has never been known as a pushover and has never been afraid to prove how tough she is or how skillful she is around a computer or device. Xan can be a little hard to get along with but once you’ve proven yourself as someone she can trust she can be your fierce protector and ally..

Essential Information

  • Auspice: Rahu
  • Tribe: Iron Masters
  • Lodge: None
  • Pack: None
  • Deed Name: None


  • Cunning: 1 (Behind left ear: a small floppy disk icon.)
  • Glory: 2 (Middle of chest: A coat of arms shield)
  • Honor: 0
  • Purity: 1 (Below her left breast is a tear drop)
  • Wisdom: 0

Fun Facts

  • Distinctive Features: Always wears expensive clothing and shoes. Is never without a phone or tablet in her hand.
  • Notable Abilities & Titles: Hacker
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Scent Palette: A lite smell of plastic and metal. Also of perfume Givenchy Iii by Givenchy
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Theme Song: (“Name of Song w/Link to Video” by Artist Name— You may have up to 3. No more.)

Xan’s Swag

(This will be filled out by the ST.)


Xanthippe Walsh

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