Михаил Николаевич Аверьянов

"(unintelligible growling)."



A member of the dreaded Pure, he seems to loom wherever he’s wanted least. He goes by the name Cornerstone, but not much more is known about him. He has a very severe look about him and is never more animated than when scrutinizing another’s most minute gestures and facial expressions.

Essential Information

  • Auspice: None
  • Tribe: Firetouched
  • Lodge: None
  • Pack: (TBD)
  • Deed Name: Cornerstone


  • Cunning: 0
  • Glory: 0
  • Honor: 4 (TBD)
  • Purity: 2 (TBD)
  • Wisdom: 1 (TBD)

Fun Facts

  • Distinctive Features: Severe expression.
  • Notable Abilities & Titles: Truthcatcher.
  • Relationship Status: Unknown.
  • Scent Palette: Singed hair.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Theme Song: (“Song” by Artist)

Misha’s Swag

  • (To be updated as it is discovered!)


  • (To be updated as it is discovered!)

Михаил Николаевич Аверьянов

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