House Rules

Universal Uratha Characteristics

The following are characteristics of the Forsaken in addition to those listed in the core texts.

Eye Color

When the People take any form other than human (Hishu) or use a supernatural ability, they are easily identified by the color of their glowing eyes. The colors are chosen by Luna as follows, in order of priority:

  • Gold: Beta werewolf. Most werewolves fit this default category.
  • Blue: Beta werewolf who has been marred by external trauma, usually the killing of an innocent.
  • Silver: Beta werewolf who has been changed by an attempt on another of Luna's children, including themselves.
  • Red: Alpha werewolf. If an Alpha falls from power, the color reverts to the next most applicable.

Wolfsbane Allergy

Wolfsbane, along with hundreds of plants of the same family, is toxic to animals, humans, and werewolves alike. The toxin aconite can be absorbed through the skin with enough direct contact, it can be inhaled, or it can, of course, be ingested.

  • Werewolves suffer Aggravated damage upon ingesting or coming into prolonged contact with Wolfsbane.
  • Growing, using, or carrying Wolfsbane constitutes a sin against Harmony, similar to carrying or using silver (9 to carry, 4 to use against another Uratha).
  • Upon seeing or smelling the herb, a werewolf must succeed on a Resolve + Composure roll just to enter the area.

Universal Uratha Abilities

The following are powers and abilities available to any Forsaken Uratha in this chronicle. Note that some must be taught, while others are innate and have no prerequisite knowledge or training. Refer to the notes under each one for clarification.


  • AKA: Take pain, Relieve suffering, The People's Balm
  • Prereqs: Taught by another Uratha
  • Description: The People are no strangers to pain, and with their regenerative capabilities, it rarely causes them any significant distress. However, on occasions for which there is a need to soothe the savage beast, this technique allows for an even faster recovery at the cost of the user's own well-being. Needless to say, this ability finds more use among Wolfblooded and even the Herd.
  • Mechanics: Instant action. User rolls Intelligence + Empathy + Primal Urge. The target downgrades a number of levels of Lethal or Bashing damage up to the successes on the activation roll. The user then takes the same number of levels of Bashing damage. The user must be in physical contact for the ability's duration.

Chemo Signal Induction

  • AKA: Werewolf empathy
  • Prereqs: None, though interpretation of signals must be learned.
  • Description: The Herd is oblivious to the pheromones that most creatures — themselves included — naturally emit on a daily basis. The chemical composition of these pheromones changes based on a creature's emotional state. The People, with their enhanced sense of smell, can pick up on these signals and decipher the hidden meaning beneath.
  • Mechanics: Instant action. User rolls Wits + Empathy + Primal Urge. Success means that the user can pick up on and correctly interpret the signal given off by the target. This roll may be contested only if the target has some supernatural means of deception or extensive training with autonomic control of the body.

House Rules

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